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Sorry for the Inconvenience

Bounded by the sea, development and redevelopment is a necessary means for progress in the island city of Singapore. Construction work occupies land in a variety of sizes, woven into the background of the city. Despite the ambition and proximity of construction, sensorial access to city dwellers is limited through devices such as barriers, veils, and signs. Machinery sounds become white noise, cranes become ubiquitous sightings, and barriers become minor inconveniences which express their sincere apologies with signs that say:

“Sorry for the Inconvenience Caused”.

Sorry for the Inconvenience is a docu-fictional story about the contradictory relationship of a dense contemporary city with its less glamorous building process. Photographs of construction sites are juxtaposed onto familiar, monumental and picturesque photographs of the city, collapsing temporal and spatial distance to reflect upon the question:

Who is inconvenienced, and who is apologising?

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