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Tender plants tied with remnants of old clothes, remnants of something very human: either stockings or pieces of bed sheets, fine flowers ornaments that once used to be a pillowcase someone slept on, colorful ribbons that used to be dressed for celebration. All these ambivalent symbols of destruction and growing are the most precise description of the world around. One the one hand, this tender state transfers a delicate moment of vulnerability. People and nature are tender and fragile, this is why this fragility is also expressed in fear to show own frailty. On the other hand, it is a reminder about the power of life, a metaphor of spirit that overcomes barriers, and fragility capable of resisting rough mundanity. After all, fragility is the integral part of firmness.

Fragility project is about poetizing and monumentalization of unremarkable mundane things that we rarely pay attention to and about respect to our mundanity.

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