Discussion: Identity in photography

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How should a photographer work with representatives of different social groups to avoid visual stereotypes? Why cultural appropriation is a bad thing? What’s wrong with depiction of women in commercials? Join the discussion on identity in photography on November 11.

Topics for discussion:

— How photography shapes identity
— Imitation and identity in different social groups
— Appropriation and cultural export in capitalist system
— Gender identity in photography
— A guide to not offending people of different identities during photosets
— Photography and objectification

– Colin Pantall [the UK] – a writer, a lecturer, a photographer
– Shadman Shahid [Bangladesh / the Netherlands] – a photographer, Bird in Flight Prize ‘19 winner
– Lesia Prokopenko [Ukraine] – a culture expert, a researcher and a senior editor of EastEast art magazine.
– Maria Teresa Salvati [Italy] — personal branding consultant working with photographers and visual artists, teacher, columnist for C41 Magazine, founder and editor-in-chief at Slideluck Editorial.

Moderators: curators of Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 educational program, Asya Zhetvina and Dmitriy Kostyukov 

How to join?

E-mail your story or question [you may do it anonymously] to prize@birdinflight.com with a subject line “To snap or not to snap” or fill out the registration form. We’ll choose the most interesting emails, read them out during the discussion and talk about it from many perspectives with the experts in modern photography.

We are waiting for your stories and questions until November 10.

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