Online Lecture Course

On November 1-12, members of the judges’ panel of Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 will run seven artist talks on modern photography. This year, Bird in Flight Prize’s judges panel consists of curators, artists, photographers and photo editors from the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Sweden. They talked about long-term projects and personal stories, creative freedom and new formats of engagement and interaction in photo industry.

Moreover, on October 31 and November 11, there were two open discussions with experts to go through controversial issues of photography and to voice different points of views for everyone interested.

Dates: October 31 – November 12

Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 lecture course was powered by “Creative Europe” in Ukraine.


October 31, 15:00 EET
Discussion: Snapping it abuse-free. Ethics of a photographer’s trade [free access]

November 1, 19:00 EET

Artist talk with Ari Versluis:
Working on long-term projects

November 3, 17:00 EET

Artist talk with Arianna Rinaldo:
Curating online & offline

November 3, 19:00 EET

Artist talk with Agnieszka Olszewska:
Opening a photo museum

November 4, 19:00 EET

Artist talk with Shadman Shahid:
The way photographers’ environment and entourage change their perspective

November 6, 19:00 EET

Artist talk with Emma Bowkett:
Projects for magazines

November 10, 19:00 EET [cancelled]

Artist talk with Misha Pedan:
Creative (un)freedom

November 11, 17:00 EET

Artist talk with Colin Pantall:
personal and political combined in a single story

November 11, 19:30 EET

Discussion: Identity in photography [free access]

concurrent program

Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 concurrent program is powered by Institute Français Ukraine.

2 November, 19:00 EET

artist talk with Vasantha Yogananthan:
Creating and presenting a large-scale project

[free access]

9 November, 19:00 EET

Open artist talk with Guillaume Herbaut:
Documentary photo as a field for experimenting

[free access]

Lecture course subscription: 15 euros
Artist talk ticket: 5 euros
Participation in discussions is free.

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