Discussion: Snapping it abuse-free. Ethics of a photographer’s trade

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There were times when people were afraid to have their pictures taken believing that photographs might steal their souls. These days some people tape cameras of their laptops and smartphones because they feel being spied on. Critical texts keep reminding us that a photographer’s trade is violence. Photography is praised and slammed at the same time, so we invite you to discuss controversial issues with experts.

Topics for discussion:

— How standards of ethics towards photography change in the minds of people, art, journalism and advertisement
— Should we be okay with CCTV? What’s wrong with ID photos?
— Relations between the one who snaps and those being snapped: Photographers and Models
— Colonial approach: is a stranger allowed to photograph natives
— Other people’s stories: when should I stop
— Does one need consent from every passer-by when photo-shooting in the street?
— How bans influence photo industry?
— Ethic standards violation scandals


– Ari Versluis [the Netherlands] – an artist, a professor of Photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague
– Tetiana Tsvilodub [Ukraine] – a psychoanalyst, art historian, curator of educational and art projects
– Igor Manko [Ukraine] – a photographer and  a head curator at VASA online gallery
– Roberto Muffoletto [USA] – A critic, Photographer

Moderators: curators of Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 educational program, Asya Zhetvina and Dmitriy Kostyukov.

Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 lecture course is powered by “Creative Europe” in Ukraine.

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