Artist talk with Ari Versluis

The artist talk with Ari Versluis will take place on November 1st as a part of Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 lecture course. The Dutch artist studies reality in the context of fashion and social identity. He dedicated more than 20 years of his life to Exactitudes project collecting over three thousands of social archetypes.

The artist’s website: 

Talk’s subjects:

— Constraints and challenges of commission work from the artist’s perspective
— Cooperation in long-term projects: Exactitudes case study and staged documentary photography
— A project of 20 years: shooting, financing, cooperating with brands, shops, media, scouting models and other tasks inside Exactitudes
— Globalization’s impact on our visualizing our lifestyles and routine
— Night life and the artist’s projects

The talk took place on November 1.

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