Bird in Flight Prize ¦
¬ international ¤ award for innovative approach to telling a story through a phÞtograph

The concept of the Bird in Flight Prize is to support photographers who think outside the box of traditional artistic standards. Our contest is not about photoprojects that cater to the existing general demand. It’s about discovering new ways to tell a story using the means and tools of photography. We encourage artistic freedom and diversity therefore we don’t impose time constraints upon our participants. We do not limit them in their choices of subjects and creativity methods. We also allow image editing as well as the usage of other images [as long as the copyrights are being observed].

The jury of the Bird in Flight Prize includes photographers, artists, curators and photo editors.

Details on Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 will be announced soon.

The Award is organized by BIF magazine.

Previous Bird in Flight Prize

Bird in Flight Prize has been held annually since 2018.

The winner of the Bird in Flight Prize ‘19 is Shadman Shahid with “No Quarter” project.


The winner of the Bird in Flight Prize ‘18 is Valentine Bo with “Your next step would be to do the Transmission” project.

Shortlist 2018

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