Bird in Flight Prize ¦
¬ AN international ¤ award for phÞtographERS with AN innovative approach to storytelling

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presentation of the finalists’ works

The first international exhibition of Bird in Flight Prize finalists opened in Lithuania

Roundtable Discussions


Voting for the best project in the Readers’ Choice Award nomination

Bird in Flight Prize ‘21 Special Nomination Winner

V, Bogdan Gulyay, Ukraine

542 votes

The concept of the Bird in Flight Prize is to support photographers who think outside the box of traditional artistic standards. Our contest is not about photo projects that cater to the existing general demand. It’s about discovering new ways to tell a story using the means and tools of photography. We encourage artistic freedom and diversity therefore we don’t impose time constraints upon our participants. We do not limit them in their choices of subjects and creativity methods. We also allow image editing as well as the usage of other images [as long as the copyrights are being observed].

The jury of the Bird in Flight Prize ‘21 includes curators, photographers, researchers, and artists from the UK, Nepal, Peru, Italy, USA, Iran, and Ukraine.

First prize is €2000

The jury selects one winner out of the ten participating photographers from the shortlist.

Readers’ Choice Award

This nomination consists of 15 photo series selected by the editorial board of Bird in Flight. A winner will be chosen by open voting through the contest website. The special prize is €500.

Portfolio review

Twenty five participants will receive reviews of their works by the jury board members AND/OR Swiss artists duo Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs [online].

Online exhibition at PHmuseum

PhMuseum and the BiF Prize pre-selection board will pick a selection of photographs from the submissions and will feature them at an online exhibition on PHmuseum’s platform.

Jury members

user_avatar Karen McQuaid

user_avatar Valentine Bo

user_avatar Newsha Tavakolian

user_avatar Paolo Woods

user_avatar Paola Jiménez Quispe

user_avatar Fred Ritchin

Photos: Karen McQuaid by Enver Bylykbashi, self portrait by Paola Jiménez Quispe, self portrait by Valentine Bo, Paolo Woods by Magali Dougados, Newsha Tavakolian by Arash Ashorinia, Fred Ritchin by Eman Helal

Pre-selection board

Lyolya Goldstein
Head of Bird in Flight, curator

Anton Shebetko
artist, Bird in Flight editor

Lilia Kudelia
art historian, curator: Dallas Contemporary, Residency Unlimited

Darius Vaicekauskas
artist, curator, head of cultural organizations: Lithuanian Photographer’s Association Klaipėda Department, Association Arts Zone, Art Creators Union

Participation requirements

  • We only accept photo series of 7-12 photographs. If needed, authors may choose to Upload any other media file [Up to 40 megabytes each].
  • Photographers from all over the world are welcome to participate.
  • All are welcome to apply more than once or as many times as you’d like.
  • We accept applications in English only.
  • Technical requirements: we accept images of up to 5 megabytes in size, formatted as .jpg or .png.
  • Photos, collages and all other images must be copyrighted by the applicant [or a copyright should be duly acquired in a legal manner].
  • Application fee is 20 euros.
  • Submission for the portfolio review selection costs extra 10 euros.
  • To apply, please sign up and fill out the form.


10 october 2021
[till 23:59 EEST]

Deadline for applications

november 2021

shortlist announcement and its publication on Bird in Flight

December 2021

Winner announcement and showcasing of the shortlisted projects in Kyiv

Winter 2021 — Spring 2022

Showcase of the shortlisted projects at international partner institutions



  • The rules state that the choice of theme is unrestricted. Does this imply an absolute thematic freedom?

    Yes. The goal of the award is not just to highlight a certain topic of your choice. First and foremost, the jury will be focusing on the form which a photographer utilizes to emphasize the content.
  • According to what principles will the judges evaluate the pieces?

    According to the principles of their personal choosing.
  • Is it okay for a participant to apply more than once, with various photoseries?

    Absolutely. There will be a fee of 20 euros for each application.
  • The contest rules say that participants grant Bird in Flight rights to use photographs. What does it mean?

    Bird in Flight will get rights to publish projects on its website and other online platforms, use works in promo materials [e.g. banners, posters, videos], exhibitions that may take place on locations with paid entrance, and printed catalogs that may be distributed on a paid basis. All images submitted to the contest will remain the property of an author, Bird in Flight will get no right to sell them.
  • How will the authors be informed about making it to the shortlist?

    Official letter will be mailed to the email given by the applicant on the initial application. Also, an informational roster about the finalists and winners will be posted on the website and the Facebook page of Bird in Flight.
  • Who will take part in the portfolio review?

    Twenty five Applicants whose projects will be selected by the editorial board of Bird in Flight.
  • I still have questions. Who should I contact?

    Feel free to email any questions about the contest to

Bird in Flight doesn’t edit project descriptions and is not responsible for the content. 

10 october 2021 [23:59 EEST] — Deadline

Previous Bird in Flight Prize

Bird in Flight Prize has been held annually since 2018.

The winner of the Bird in Flight Prize ‘20 is Paola Jimenez Quispe with “Rules For Fighting” project.

Exhibition 2020

The winner of the Bird in Flight Prize ‘19 is Shadman Shahid with “No Quarter” project.


The winner of the Bird in Flight Prize ‘18 is Valentine Bo with “Your next step would be to do the Transmission” project.

Shortlist 2018

In media


The Award is organized by BirD in Flight, magazine about photography and visual culture.

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