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It is a total collage 40 meters long. It’s made with the pictures I shot at the recreation center 'Gold Coast', located on the Biruchiy Peninsula during annual art residency. Despite the Gold Coast located in a reserve, as all small local resorts it does not resemble pictures from travel blogs.

During the last decade tourist flow grew to transform wide beaches into a potpourri of chaotically placed houses made with a variety of materials and styles: from metal trailers to ala luxury townhouses, mixed with old USSR buildings and playgrounds.

Mostly I work with post-Soviet aesthetics, fascinated by original places where the inventive nature of a modest «creator» is manifested. But what I am really interested in are people and their behavior. Here I found how vacation becomes a zone of lifting the prohibitions of civilization.

I made this project with a sense of sorrow that a lovely place is vanishing but also with a big interest for the people, who try to improve everything around, And it is my attempt to understand them.

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