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I have long thought that photography is, to some extent, the exploitation of the person being photographed. Although this is not true, at a first glance it may seem that in the author-model hierarchy the author comes first.

For a long time, I took portraits of people at their homes, nude and in an intimate setting, and finally, I wondered if I should try myself as a subject of the shooting. I decided to change the rules of the game by putting myself in the conditions in which a portrayed person was a few minutes ago, to get closer to his or her feelings. And if my models are nude in the picture, I have to take off my clothes myself - it will be fair. Thus, I began to appear in the frame next to those I was shooting, we together invented surreal, absurd or funny images for us.

These series tell about the author himself, creating the image of a photographer. He is open to experimentation and behaves freely with the image of his own "self", using himself as a subject on a par with others

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