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LADY was inspired by my visit to a beauty salon, where I removed my permanent eyebrow makeup. While I waited for the anaesthesia to work, the beautician told me about other treatments that she could offer me. I underwent very popular treatments such as botox, moisturising with hyaluronic acid, wrinkle filling, and thread lifts. Although they are so popular, I've never seen anyone just after such a procedure. I was surprised that hyaluronic acid bubbles need 3-4 days to be absorbed, and the thread lifts leave huge bruises for a week. Photographers fly to the other end of the world to show us the rituals there, and yet we are unaware of the ones taking place on women's bodies just next door.

It is also a story of shame. We are ashamed of what time does with us. We pay for it with pain, money and time, because they need to be done regularly. And the shame remains regardless, the feeling that we aren’t able to grow old with dignity - which in our culture is for women almost unattainable.

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