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Generation Alpha

My time in isolation during Covid led to many thoughts and insights, and time to trust my intuition to lead me down many paths in my work. One path led to the old photographs I have collected for many years with no real purpose other than unexplained fascination. Fascination because the subject was long gone while the image remains; the sheer beauty of an image captured on film with a large format camera; seeing portraits that were made before the advent of the command to smile.

The pandemic engendered both a nostalgia and a gratitude for life ‘before now,’ a life I feel so fortunate to have experienced. I thought of my children and all of those in the newest generation - what some call Generation Alpha. What might they feel and how does it relate to the past?

I combined real images into imagined images. Where does the imagining come from? An existential dread; things behind the door or under the bed; evoking that sense of something both wonderful and terrifying that I had as a child.

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