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A Person Orienteering

This series of photos tells the story of Serhii (the authors' uncle) who prepares documents to apply for a visa to the USA in order to attend radio orienteering competition and stay there as a labor migrant. During the year, Serhii simulates being an athlete and participates in the international competitions. After the application for a visa as a sportsman, he receives a refusal without any explanation. During the interview at the embassy, special attention is paid to the photos and social network accounts to identify the possible simulation of the applicant.

The artists together with Serhii are trying to complete the portfolio he started. This process is becoming a game of disguise: in the filming, the authors involve state institutions such as Natural History Museum and National Botanical Garden. Against the backdrop of artificial landscapes or karst caves made of papier-mâché, the artists mix masters of sports of Ukraine with actors, friends, relatives and those who have free time.

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