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Svitlana Levchenko, Ukraine

Woman is the basis of the Universe. The core of the Universe wrapped in the dirty rags of stereotypes, social roles, imposed ideals, nurtured complexes. All these stuff splits the True Woman. This project is a therapeutic study, the study of internal context, which was examined on the global map of corporality, getting rid of complexes, depending on the world of men, searching for inner beauty.

As a child, I often heard "you are not beautiful, you are pretty," I grew up with this knowledge, it became an indisputable axiom. A true woman is perfect. And 'perfect' is wider than just 'beautiful'. There are objectively perfect things, and their beauty is not in subjective empirical perception, but in their essence, in the purpose of existence. With the help of an associative series, I illustrate the search for the True Woman in myself.