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We All Have Reasons To Be Here

Viktor Bakin, Ukraine

Part of the bigger project in which I make pictures of people I meet on my way. I look for people with whom I can identify myself in a way.

First of all I consider myself an amateur. The key thing for me is simplicity. I see regular people – like myself. People with their dreams and yearning and all of their weaknesses. Just like me. It deals with loneliness, fragility. I have always been interested in what is behind the surface.

It’s not about new technique of making pictures. I don’t care about it much. I’m not into collaging or editing. For me photography it’s about feeling. I’m keen on simple things. Technology changes – guts stays the same.

At the end of each encounter I ask myself the same old question:
«Почему незнакомцы, поравняясь, никогда не идут вместе?»