Nomination Panasonic Readers’ Choice Award

A special nomination of the Bird in Flight Prize with a winner selected by readers

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The Universe Makers

Bianca Salvo, Italy

The Universe Makers is the result of two year research on space imagery and is presented as an
enquire on representative patterns and figurative models upon which our pop culture psyche bases
and which still nowadays profoundly influence our attitudes toward the scientific and the outer space.
Using collected documents and visual records the project addresses public beliefs and false
perception of interstellar exploration, questioning the role photography, technology, science fiction
and other media have played in producing evidences that still address our collective imagery towards
beliefs, fake conceptions and constructed scenarios.The series was conceived as a multilayered installation, comprised of texts, sculptured objects,still photographs, archival images and a photo-book. It explores abstraction of the collective unconscious related to our perception of space exploration, as well as, it aims to investigate the connections between belief and image.