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Only 1 Room Left!

Victoria Chaushyan, The Netherlands

Imagine a hotel where you can book a room from your childhood...

Recently, I found out that the house which I grew up turned into a hotel where everyone is now welcome to stay. Although it’s been over a decade since my parents sod the house, same wallpaper, ceiling, and even furniture remained untouched. On one hand, it is nice to be able to travel and experience the world with the help of an online platform that offers homes, houses, and everything in between. On the other - the technology offers us such pace of life that we can barely grasp the changes that accompany it. I checked-in to the room of my childhood, reviewed it, and gave it my rating. It is now a reality, as creepy as it may seem.

By the use of both family album photos inside and around my former house and photos copied from the of the same, but now guest-, house I illustrate how the borders between memory, time, real and online world are slowly morphing into collective memory.