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My Boyfriend Is An Alien

Daria Nazarova, Russia

Searching for light in the dark, holding hands not to fall, walking in the fog, not knowing what’s gonna happen to us. We learn from each other. We are talking about the soul, the power of thought, science and the strangest theories on earth. Often we don’t understand each other, we argue and then at one point we take each other’s positions, still remaining on different sides. We call this “unsynchronized agreement”. We are from different planets and we can’t help it.

4.07.2017 0:37 A person experiences fear only when the harmony inside him is broken. People are scared because they never really belong to themselves. Entire societies are made up of people frightened by the uncertainty within themselves. Hermann Hesse
5.02.2019 18:37 It seems like our whole life is a search of home
26.10.2017 0:15 Each person and the world itself is an extended version of yourself.
3.01.2019 10:52 Weak nuclear interaction controls radioactive decay. Strong interaction binds the atomic nucleus. Electromagnetic force binds atoms and molecules gravity - clusters of matter
9.02.2017 15:36 The human body is a microcosm that reflects the totality of the universe.
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20.11.2016 21:39
Each person and the world itself is an extended version of yourself.
30.06.2017 14:32
- we are part of his own consciousness
- the main thing is to make a request
- the mind cannot imagine another existence; a part of something bigger slips trough and we are surprised at being
akasha = the core (of holistic information)
1.12.2017 23:27 Memory is an old set of brain states that need to be repeated. the present colors the past differently
14.02.2019 20:08 The global task of humanity is to explore itself as an independent single mind that is observing (being aware of) itself
first date
16.07.2019 23:22 No matter how expressive the symbols are, they cannot become what they are called to replace.