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Karolina Wojtas, Poland


in front of a classroom:

1. Teacher arrives to the classroom immediately after the bell.

2. Pupils are arranged in alphabetical order. The order is permanent until the end of the year.

3. Pupils stand, do not touch each other, they have rucksacks placed on the floor next to their right leg, hands are held along the body, they look straight, do not make sounds and do not move.

4. From the moment of arrangement, which means from the state of acceptance (see p.3) the teacher counts down a minute. If pupils last out a minute, the teacher begins to let next persons into the classroom. He lets in the first person; the first person enters, takes a place and sits down. Then another person comes in, etc. Pupils who wait for the entrance stand according to the rules in p.3.

5. Teacher admits in persons who meet the conditions of p.3. Persons who do not meet these conditions stand in their places. They do not move and do not change their positions.