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50 uah

roman pashkovskiy, Ukraine

50 UAH (1,8 USD) is an ongoing project, portraying the people, whom we usually fail to notice. Their lives often stuck between poverty and beggary. Kyiv-based author explains: "To distill this social layer, I spread DIY leaflets throughout the city. It stated that I will pay 50 UAH (1,8 USD) to anyone who will come to my studio and will have his portrait taken, and that age and appearance don't matter. One question followed the session–"How will you spend the money?" The answers were surprisingly moving and honest."

50 UAH (Ukrainian currency) or 1,8 USD are relatively small money in Ukraine. But for some, this is a significant amount. So heroes were ready to commute long distances to get to his studio. Modern society is extremely diverse. Something that one may consider mundane, like a pack of cigarettes or a piece of bread for others may bring joy.

Alla Pavlovna – 82yo, will spend money "on fruits". Persimmon is her favorite.
Eugene – 21yo, unemployed, will spend money "on cigarettes, Camel or Bond»
Alexander – 30yo, will spend money "on throat ache medicine"
Anatoly – 37yo, will spend money "on chocolate for beloved daughter"
Anna Borisovna - 45yo, will spend money on "mobile phone or internet credit"
Oleg Viktorovich – 43yo, will spend money "on 150 grams of my child's favorite waffle cake"
Oksana – 42yo, will spend money "on cookies" for her child, will give some to her child as pocket money for school
Julia – 38yo, will spend money "to buy cheese with holes and a banana"
Ivan – 41yo, will spend money "on cigarettes, eggs, bread, Pepsi"
Ludmila – 58yo, will spend money "on public transport. 50 UAH is nothing nowadays".
Anatoly – 46yo, will add money to pay off the loan for the jacket he is wearing
Vladislav – 17yo, will spend money "to save on a slow cooker, a gift for my mom"