Panasonic Readers’ Choice Award

Results of the open voting by the special the Bird in Flight Prize ‘19 nomination — Panasonic Readers’ Choice Award

This nomination consisted of 30 projects selected by the by the Bird in Flight editorial board. A winner was chosen by open voting. The prize is a Panasonic Lumix GX9 camera.

The winner is Mykhaylo Palinchak’s project Maidan Faces.



1. Maidan Faces, Mykhaylo Palinchak, Ukraine
1129 votes

2. Stirred, Not Shaken, Dima Zharov, Russia
136 votes

3-4. Meeting Sofie, Snezhana von Büdingen, Germany
111 votes

3-4. Secret Folder, Olga Kirillova, Belarus
111 votes

5. 50 uah, Roman Pashkovskiy, Ukraine
94 votes

6. Self giving, Kseniia Marchenko, Ukraine
82 votes

7. Vrăjitoare, Lucia Bláhová, Slovakia
80 votes

8. Yatftil, Svitlana Levchenko, Ukraine
77 votes

9. Valparaiso, Francesco Merlini, Italy
75 votes

10. I’m Not Sure, Varya Kozhevnikova, Russia
71 votes

11. Keep Those Bad Guys Out, Seth Johnson, USA
70 votes

12. My Boyfriend Is An Alien, Daria Nazarova, Russia
68 votes

13. We All Have Reasons To Be Here, Viktor Bakin, Ukraine
63 votes

14. Chas Chas, Luis Cobelo, Venezuela
56 votes

15. Into The Underworld, Chirag Jindal, New Zealand
55 votes

16. Abzgram, Karolina Wojtas, Poland
54 votes

17. Protection, Marina Istomina, Russia
52 votes

18-20. (Un)Intended Targets, William Legoullon, USA
44 votes

18-20. C-r92/by, Samuel Fordham, United Kingdom
44 votes

18-20. The House On Lamppost, Alessia Curini, Italy
44 votes

21. Happy Death Society, Andrey Anro, Belarus
43 votes

22. you Don’t Look Native To Me, Maria Sturm, Germany
35 votes

23. Splinter, Ela Polkowska, Poland
34 votes

24. I Tried To Be An Outsider But I Didn`t Fit In, Leon Höllhumer, Austria
32 votes

25-26. Firmly Pinch The Skin Together, Ela Polkowska, Poland
27 votes

25-26. Marked, Jaclyn Wright, USA
27 votes

27. The Universe Makers, Bianca Salvo, Italy
23 votes

28-29. Only 1 Room Left!, Victoria Chaushyan, The Netherlands
22 votes

28-29. Reducción, Felipe Romero Beltran, Columbia
22 votes

30. Pyromaniac, Maria Kokunova, Russia
21 votes